I’m Jordan. I’m a busy head and a curious heart walking around in a body.

I believe in eating a big breakfast, telling the truth, sleeping and rising with the sun just like a toddler, following your inner wisdom, always saying yes to coffee, choosing love, practicing laughter and wholeheartedness, being barefoot as often as possible, making mistakes, and living with intention. I also believe that sometimes, things are shitty and the best you can do is the best you can do. And sometimes you don’t even do that, because life is hard and we’re human beings who mess up. I personally mess up all the time. I sometimes choose fear over courage, silence over openness, and shutting down over showing up. But I’m working on it. And working on loving the process.

I am a very slowly recovering perfectionist. I love to learn. I have a lot of freckles and am diligent about sunscreen application. I love alone time. I am compulsively attached to my planner and I am passionate about color coding and also KNOWING THINGS IN ADVANCE. Please do not call me for last minute plans, this makes me anxious and I will likely stay home. I drink Kombucha in the bathtub because it makes me feel ridiculously fancy, is supposedly good for my gut health, and seems more appropriate than drinking wine while bathing. But that’s all semantics to convince you that I’m credible to be telling weird stories. I promise you I’m awkward enough to get myself into the ridiculousness that will inevitably unfold, but just self-aware enough to gather data while I’m there so I can tell a ridiculous story later.

This strange collection is my living gratitude list.

I’m really glad you’re here.

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