The Immovable Truth

I saw the dreams in photo flashes last night. The shutter sound was clear and everything was slower. Every detail didn’t belong to me, but was available to me, prepared and open for peaceful coexistence. 

I watched the blue smoke of your eyes, a color that would make Ray Charles swoon. The color that used to hold the whole mood of the world to me. I was looking too closely at first, you know how the story goes. 

I zoomed out further, further, further until I was seeing the whole landscape, a beautiful and expansive abyss. I stayed here longer – studying closely, fully alive. I waited, listened, breathed through the tears, the waves of panic nausea – the pain of memories that still live in my cells. 

I breathed more deeply again and again and again. 

There it was, finally. The Immovable Truth.

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