Letter to the Darkness

We live in a world that glorifies the light, the spaces that illuminate, even with closed eyes. It makes us dark ones feel as though we are somehow damaged beyond repair because not all of our crevices are bright and shiny. Some days, those crevices are louder than the pieces of us that surface in search of the sun.

It’s okay to be in the dark sometimes I think.


To my own darkness,


I see you.

Today, I will give you the space you need to express yourself.

I’ve wasted many days trying to run from you and just for right now, my legs are tired.

Today, you can sit with me and I will do my best to let you be.

You are not invited to drive the car we’re riding in, but I won’t kick you out.

I know that tomorrow you evolve into my greatest strength and my brightest light.

Today, you are welcome here.

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