The Soul Library

This week, I read one of the most important books I think I ever will. It confronted a lot of issues that are radically important to me and brought them together in a courageous human story.

I’m always honored in ways that are difficult to describe when someone recommends a book that is close to their heart. It’s amplified when I read it and I feel the same way about it. This is what books, stories, and writing are to me. I think, somehow, the most personal things about me are words. Sharing a piece of my soul library is like handing you a page torn from my journal. It has always been the way I say “this is who I am, perfectly articulated by these words, it makes no difference whether or not they were originally constructed by me. This is what scares me, what I love, what drives me, and who I dream to be. Do you get it?” That courage to share your favorite pieces is sharing your insides, your intellectual curiosity and most importantly, your heart. So it was a gift to have a friend, a former college teammate to be exact, reach out to me and recommend this particular book. She was telling me “this is a piece of me and I think you’ll really get it. It reminded me of you too” and I accepted the offer to dive into her literary world with enthusiasm. Turns out she was right. What Made Maddy Run by Kate Fagan was a game changer…

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